Are you producing quality employees who do their tasks effectively? Are they getting the training they need? A huge part of your success depends on your people.

It is crucial that you provide them the right training so that they will become self-sufficient, accountable, and ultimately more fulfilled.

Work with me to help you identify training needs and/or assess your current training program and materials. Let’s make sure that you have a sustainable and effective training program for your company.

understand your company’s training needs

One of the problems faced by companies is understanding what their employees really need to do their jobs effectively. A proper training needs analysis helps identify what kind of training your employees need to complete.

Having worked as a BPO trainer for 7 years, I have spent so much time working with the Operations and Quality Teams to assess training needs and ensure that company standards are met. When we work together, we can ultimately nail down what your employees need to succeed in their tasks. 


You might already have a current training program in place but it’s not working. If you feel that there’s a need to overhaul or even just refresh your training program, maybe you’re right! It’s time to assess and evaluate whether your program is working or not. 

Are your current modules still up to date? Are you utilizing the power of new technology to keep up with the needs of your growing workforce? Whichever that is, I can help you come up with solid solutions that you can implement in your company. 



Instead of bombarding your staff or managers with tasks that are out of their scope of work, hire a training consultant instead. No need to overstaff. Allot your training budget for the time when you need help with your training concerns.  

A training consultant can laser-focus on the issues at hand and can provide solutions to your problems so that all you need to do is implement and track! This also allows you and your staff to keep working on what you do best. 



Nope, I’m not figuring this out just now. I actually have a solid experience as a lead trainer and have handled hundreds of new hire and update classes to understand what makes a successful training program. 

I’ve handled a variety of programs and courses in customer service, English communication, soft skills, retail and online banking, and a lot more. My classroom experiences range from Foundation Training to Product and Process Training, even up to the Nesting and Production phases. 

Build your training program and increase ROI. Let me handle your training concerns.