Do you want to put your brand in front of an engaged and focused audience? I create YouTube videos about career, BPO tips, and work-life balance with the aim of teaching aspiring professionals to get hired and thrive in their work environment. Let’s talk.

highly-engaged ONLINE community

I’m honored to have built a genuine and truly engaged community on my YouTube channel and Facebook page. The engagement is visible on my online platforms because I always find a way to create content that will make my audience interact.

It’s an advantage for your brand or company because a highly-engaged community means that your brand awareness campaign does not just fall into blind eyes and deaf ears. You know that people are really paying attention because they engage and interact.


My audience trusts me as a credible and reliable source of information and advice because of my solid experience in my niche. I also only share real stories on my platforms and my videos are created in such a way that the viewers or the audience won’t get intimidated.

This makes my audience truly relate with me and be inspired and motivated with what I share. It’s evident from all the positive and inspiring comments and messages I receive daily. 

Since my audience trusts me, it will also be a lot easier for you to reach out and interact with potential applicants and customers and gain their trust too. 


I started my channel last January 2018, and in two years, I was able to grow my audience base to over 84k+ subscribers and over 279.2k hours of watch time and over 4 million total views.

At the rate the channel is going, I’m positive that your brand or company will gain more exposure and potential customers if you partner with me because of the positive progress and growth.


My platform has a clear and focused niche or audience. I have grown and built my audience through hard work and a lot of time knowing and understanding what they like, want, and need. I understand who I am creating for and it is for the career-driven people, those who want to be BPO professionals, and those who want to enjoy their career and have work-life balance. My videos have also attracted BPO companies and businesses that are looking to build their own teams.

This takes out all the guesswork on your end as to who and what type of people you will reach when you partner or work with me. This also helps you determine what type of campaign will be the best fit for my niche and audience and your company or brand too.


When you work with me, you can be sure that I am always fully committed and dedicated to achieving the best results for you. I take my work seriously and I know the importance of running a business. I value your time as much as I value mine so I always deliver on time and make sure that we are both clear with our expectations.


Customers and applicants respond to real people, authentic reviews, and genuine experiences. This is one of the reasons my channel has grown quickly and consistently.

YouTube videos increase with views and watch hours over time so your advertising just grows and will be permanent on the YouTube platform. This is even more possible because my channel and content are highly searchable and it’s being consistently suggested by YouTube to my target audience. 

Also, YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. My channel and videos are also searchable on Google which is a great advantage for you to be seen.

  You’ve probably already watched my YouTube videos before coming here. But in case you haven’t yet, come visit my channel! 🙂 

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