Sample Call Script – Hotel Reservation

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This is ONLY a sample call script for Hotel Inquiry and Reservation. The resolution or steps provided here may or may not be applicable to your account.

Agent: It’s a great day here at R Hotel. I’m Rebecca. How I can assist you?

Customer: Hi Rebecca! I’m wondering if you can reserve me a room. My friends and I are staying for a trip.

Agent: I’ll be happy to check that for you. May I have your name?

Customer: Pauline Su.

Agent: Thank you, Pauline. How many of your friends are staying?

Customer: Ah, two. So there are three of us.

Agent: Do you prefer to stay in one room or separate rooms?

Customer: Actually, we’re okay with one room.

Agent: Alright, let me check if we have an available room. For what dates?

Customer: Sept. 5-7

Agent: Thank you. So… There is one available Premier Room that is good for three people with three separate beds. It comes with free WiFi, cable channels, mini-bar, and mini-kitchen. That’s $150 per night.

There’s also a Deluxe Room available that has the same amenities as Premier except that it has its own swimming pool. That costs $350 per night.

Which one do you prefer?

Customer: Oh well, we’re just staying to sleep in so I’ll take the Premier. Does it come with free breakfast?

Agent: Yes, there’s free breakfast. Are you going to reserve today?

Customer: Yes, please.

Agent: May I have the names of the guests?

Customer: Myself Pauline Su, and my friends Andrea Smith and Alexis Washington.

Agent: Great! So you will check-in on Sept. 5 at 2 PM and check-out on Sept. 7, 12 NN. So that’s two nights for $300 and we have to add the taxes so the total amount is $317.56.

Customer: Thank you. So should I pay now or what?

Agent: That’s right.

*Agent reserved/booked the room.*

Agent: Alright so just to recap, I have already reserved the Premier Room for you for 2 nights on Sept 5-7 with the total cost of $317.56. This is actually considered booked. If you decide to cancel within 15 days before your check-in date, there will be no cancellation fee and the money will be refunded to you in 10 business days. But if you cancel within 3 days before your check-in date, half of the total amount will be forfeited, while if you cancel within 24 hours before check-in, the total amount will be forfeited.

Do you any other questions Pauline?

Customer: None for now. Thanks for your help.

Agent: You’re welcome. Thanks for calling R Hotel and we look forward to your enjoyable stay.