Sample Call Script – Basic Browser Troubleshooting

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This is ONLY a sample call script for Basic Browser Troubleshooting. The resolution and steps provided here may or may not be applicable to your account.

START (assuming the customer is automatically authenticated by the phone system; agent just needs the name)

Agent: Thank you for calling Shapes Rewards. My name is Matilda. Can I have your name, please?

Customer: This is Alisa Collins.

Agent: Hi Ms. Collins. How can I be of service?

Customer: I wanted to pay my bills using my rewards points but I can’t log-in to your website. What’s happening?

Agent: Oh, I’m sorry for the inconvenience with our website. May I know what error message you got?

Customer: Error message? Where do I get that message?

Agent: You mentioned you were trying to log in. When you logged in to Shapes Rewards website, can you please tell me what happened after?

Customer: Ohh, so I just entered my username and my password. And then when I clicked login, the computer, the screen – what I’m seeing is the same. It’s loading and then it goes back to the login page. So I can’t get in and I need to use my rewards because I’ve saved them for so long now.

Agent: I understand Ms. Collins. Alright, this is what actually happened. When you clicked login and the screen or the page goes back to the exact same page after loading, that means the page is looping.

Customer: What? What looping? Is your website down?

Agent: Our website is up and running, however, you’re having a browser issue. Looping is when the browser page goes back to the same page again and again even though you’ve already taken action, like in your case, you clicked log in but it doesn’t go to your profile on Shapes Rewards. It just keeps going back to the log-in page. But don’t worry, you’ve got the right person on the line to help you. We just need to do quick troubleshooting on your browser.

Customer: Ok

Agent: Great, are you using Mac or PC?

Customer: Windows.

Agent: Ok, Windows PC is good. May I know what browser you are using?

Customer: Ok, I’m not really sure?

Agent: Is it Google Chrome? Firefox?

Customer: Ohhhh it’s Chrome.

Agent: Great. May I know the Chrome version?

Customer: I’m really sorry honey but I don’t have any idea. My granddaughter just gifted me this computer last Christmas and she’s not here right now.

Agent: Ohh that’s okay Ms. Collins. I’ll just give you instructions and we’ll get through this.

Customer: Thank you, honey. So you said version?

Agent: Yes, can you please close the Chrome browser and open it again after?

Customer: Ok. Yes, done.

Agent: That’s good. Now that you have the browser open, do you see 3 dots that are aligned vertically on the upper right part of your screen?

Customer: Yes

Agent: Please click that and you will see a drop-down box, then look for the word Help or About Google Chrome.

Customer: Ok, I do see Help then About Google Chrome. I clicked it. Ohhh it’s version 83 and a couple random numbers.

Agent: Wow, thank you. Looks like you have the most updated browser version so far. So the next thing we will do is clear cache from your browser. This will not affect your stored files or anything on your computer. It’s just that most of the time, the information that you put out to the internet gets saved in cache memory or storage in your browser and this eventually results in latency. In some cases, it’s similar to what you’ve just experienced which is looping.

Customer: This is all so new to me!

Agent: But you don’t have to worry because when you do this once, it’s easier to do this next time if it happens again. Now click those 3 dots that you clicked earlier and look for More Tools.

Customer: Okaaayy.

Agent: Then you will see Clear Browsing Data.

Customer: Okay, I see Basic and Advanced.

Agent: Alright, we can just go the basic part and make sure you check all the checkboxes for the browsing history, cookies, and cached images.

Customer: Ok, done it

Agent: Then if you see the Time Range, you can choose All Time. Then just click Clear Data.

Customer: Alright, it’s loading.

Agent: Yes that’s normal. Once it’s done loading, you will be on the same page so just press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page and you can start logging in again.

Customer: Whew. Ok, I will re-open your website now and try to log-in again.

Agent: Ok, let me know what happens.

Customer: Wow, I’m logged in now. Thank you so much! You’re such a genius! Thank you thank you. I’m so happy I can use my rewards now.

Agent: I’m so happy for you too Ms. Collins and it has been my pleasure to assist you. Have I addressed all your concerns today?

Customer: Very much. Thank you again, honey.

Agent: You’re welcome. Thanks for calling Shapes Rewards and enjoy your day!