Hi, I’m Rea! 

I create professional online training videos and e-Learning materials to help business owners like YOU improve employee and customer satisfaction, while also saving time and training costs.

My journey to creating training videos comes from my BPO experience of 7 years. I was a customer service specialist and a subject matter expert/peer coach for a year, then eventually became a lead trainer.

I’ve handled a variety of programs and courses in customer service, English communication, soft skills, and retail and online banking.

In 2016, I started my career as a digital content creator and marketer for different companies and businesses.

Alongside that career, I created my YouTube channel where I housed all my training videos for free to teach aspiring BPO professionals how to get hired and thrive in their work environment.

I’m passionate about educating people and helping them achieve their dreams, which is why I created videos that are easy to follow and understand.

My training approach has always been personal and relatable. I want to make my trainees (and now my viewers) take comfort in the fact that everyone, including me, also went through what they’re currently going through. As they say, stories always have an impact.


My Story ♥

Starting my YouTube channel from scratch, my online reach grew to 100k+ subscribers and 6k+ Facebook followers, and still consistently growing from month to month. 

I went from creating simple videos in my bedroom to more professional ones in my own home studio/office. Despite the change in setting and equipment, one thing remained constant – and that is the passion to educate and help people get from Point A to B. From being clueless to being knowledgeable. 

Before I knew it, clients have contacted me to create employee training videos for them and to seek help on how to improve their training programs and materials. I feel that it’s a great opportunity to help the BPO industry and to transition from the traditional classroom training to a digital or online one.

How I Can Help

Being a BPO trainer for 7 years, I totally understand the struggle of running classroom training over and over again especially that the industry is known for ramping every month. 

If you come to think of it, most of the classroom training modules we have can be discussed in videos which in turn will help companies automate and scale their training processes. Ultimately, this translates to savings not just in money, but also in time and effort! 

Not only that, I’m all for achieving positive training results so being able to share what I know about improving training programs and materials is a huge deal to me. After all, a successful company or business relies heavily on its employees and frontliners. 

Are You Ready? 

Without proper employee training and effective training programs, the very foundation of the company will just crumble and go to waste.

So here I am now – offering a time- and money-saving, plus a scalable way to run your employee training modules and improve your training programs and processes. 

Are you ready to leverage the power of video for your employee or client training? Do you need a training consultant who can work with you to achieve positive training results? If yes, then let’s get started!